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Maralys Wills

Top Writing Tips That Every Writer Should Know

Writers4Writers   When: July 15, 2017     Location: Rancho Santa Margarita Library    Time: 2-4:30 p.m. I’m so excited — Maralys Wills, my writing teacher, is going to be speaking at our Writers4Writers meeting.  She’s as great a teacher as she is kind – which is not to say she’s hesitant to tell you how your writing…

Pendelton Wallace

Writing – Putting Penn to Paper

What’s your brand? Who’s your audience? How can you connect with your readers? Have you ever thought about those questions? Recently, I attended a lecture by Pendelton Wallace – his friends call him Penn. He is an author with multiple series, editor and a master marketer. Congratulations to him that his third book in his…

400x427 many business people shaking-hands-photo-C

Authors and Editors: Butting Heads or Holding Hands?

Is it Spring, or is it the season for me to attend another editor’s talk about different editing flavors? As I approach the later chapters of my book, I’m wondering who I will choose to edit my manuscript.  It’s exciting, and I have to take some deep breathes, and calm down. I’m writing the scariest…

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Protecting Our Writing 101

Well, it’s a new year. We’ve celebrated our 2016 successes, learned our lessons from our mistakes, and are ready to take action in 2017. As writers, our creations come straight from our hearts—they’re our babies. As parents, the first essential for our children is safety—protection. So I was excited to attend a recent lecture by,…


Managing the Marketing & Publishing Mystery for Authors

Wouldn’t you love to know how to make your book that you’ve worked so hard on successful?  I attended a presentation by a publishing and marketing expert  – Sharon Goldinger.  Sharon is the owner of PeopleSpeak and the president of the Publishers Association of Los Angeles (PALA).  She is a book shepherd and publishing and…


Branding for Writers – Jeniffer Thompson Shares Her Proven Secrets

Recently, I attended a branding workshop given by Jeniffer Thompson – “Get Branded: The Secret to Soaring Above Your Competition”.  Thankfully, it wasn’t painful at all : ) and I learned so much about branding, that I wanted to share with you.   Jeniffer is an author branding and Internet-marketing strategist and is the co-founder of…


Writers4Writers – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The thought that keeps going through my mind is – what a great gift I gave myself by starting Writers4Writers : )  Being surrounded by intelligent, creative, seekers who have the courage to record their personal truths in the hope that what they express improves the world in some way – well, what more could…

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