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Anna-Marie Abell

Winning Amazon Ads and Book Cover and Title Snafus

I recently attended an informative talk on winning Amazon ads given by Anna-Marie Abell.  Anna-Marie’s credentials are exceptional. Between her being an author, accomplished presenter, marketing and advertising expert, and successful businesswoman, I was very impressed. The cherry on top of the sundae was when I heard the creative title of her book, which put…

Flag of Israel

Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary with A Celebration of My Own!

Shabbat Shalom, I’m feeling truly blessed. I’m very excited—not only is this Israel’s 70th Anniversary, I just finished my manuscript for my book, “Peace in Israel, A Tale of Terror and Transformation!” That’s my working title and I have been having fun doing polls asking for people’s opinions about my title—feel free to offer yours….


Concerns that Israel is Facing the Third Intifada are Put on Hold For Now

Thankfully the resounding answer to my question in my last blog, “Jerusalem 101 Part III: Friday, Will Muslim and Jewish Prayers End in Violence?” is NO.  After the weeks of violence, and the metal detectors and cameras being removed — the following Friday night, important to both Jews and Muslims passed quietly. Thank God, the…