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Trez Ibrahim

Writers4Writers Host: Penny S. Tee Speaker: Trez Ibrahim “The Writer’s Journey, The Adventures, Trials & Tribulations”

Join us at Writers4Writers as Penny S. Tee interviews Trez Ibrahim on “The Writer’s Journey, The Adventures, Trials & Tribulations.” She will combine Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey,”  with life as a writer helping us keep focused and motivated as we encounter the inevitable ups and downs of getting your thoughts down on paper. Learn how to embrace the journey to make writing the best adventure of your life whether…

Flag of Israel

Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary with A Celebration of My Own!

Shabbat Shalom, I’m feeling truly blessed. I’m very excited—not only is this Israel’s 70th Anniversary, I just finished my manuscript for my book, “Peace in Israel, A Tale of Terror and Transformation!” That’s my working title and I have been having fun doing polls asking for people’s opinions about my title—feel free to offer yours….