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Life Lessons Found Through an Author’s Journey

I love listening to authors tell about their writing journeys. No two are ever the same—how could they be? I was delighted as Janet F. Williams, triple-award winning self-help book author of You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get: Proven Techniques to Get More Out of Life and also, Superior: Adventure Romance, published under her pen…

Writers4Writers Meeting Rancho Santa Margarita Library February 17, 2017 2-4:30 pm

Annie Quinn, author of  the award-winning book, “A Moment in Connemara: an Irish Love Story,” and founder of  Ballycotton Press and Publishers Network, will be speaking on The Importance of Journaling and Memoir.” Her novel is based on her true love story with her late husband, of how they met in Connemara, Ireland in 1999. Come enjoy…

2018 calendar

2018 Planning — Dream Big!

January’s always such a great time of year. It takes me the whole month to think about what I want to happen next, and to truly begin the new year — how about you? If you don’t stop to think about where you’ve been (at least recently), and where you want to go — how can…

The Role Writing Communities Play in a Writer’s Life

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the role writing communities play in a writer’s life. It seems contradictory, because as writers we spend so much time alone in our own worlds frolicking amongst the convolutions of our minds. But that may be the point — sometimes we just need to rub elbows with our writing buddies….

Pendelton Wallace

Penn Wallace Tells His Story at Writers4Writers

I love hearing stories about authors’ writing journeys — how about you? I’m even more interested in authors’ writing adventures as I get closer to writing my last chapters of Blasted from Complacency. I’m trying to heed their warnings, and if I make a mistake along the way, well, at least I know they were my…

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