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For the last three years as I’ve been writing my manuscript, I’ve heard the horror stories… feed your soul’s journey, but don’t expect to make any money by writing a book. Discouraging to say the least. Yet, I’ve proceeded because our profound journey is just something deep in my heart that I had to get out. I wanted to teach others what I had learned. The topic? Israel, the Palestinian conflict and Peace, — both internal and in the world.

In writing my story, once I got beyond our extraordinary adventure, I was now facing in my Epilogue, — why? What was burning in my kishkas (insides) that was so important? It was challenging because it caused me to look closely at my entire life, sometimes digging up old bones long buried. It took concentrated introspection to understand what had happened and to discover why it was so important to me to share it. Ultimately, going through the process of writing it helped me understand myself better. That is one of the benefits of writing, — along the way you learn so much about yourself.

What I found was that I had been working on Peace all of my life, — but it had been internal. I feel gratitude for the social worker working with my schizophrenic brother after his first episode. I’m grateful for her insight in understanding that the younger sister of someone suffering from this debilitating illness might be suffering too. Living in a household with a brother given to fits of rage, — surviving crazy, is hard for everyone, — especially him, who sadly years later lost his battle. May he rest in Peace.

From then until now, I’ve spent years looking at personal development. I’m ready to take that Peace I’ve sought and share it outside myself. How can I continue on my own path of finding Peace, share what I’ve learned, — and even work on the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy?

Was I willing to face these daunting, financially questionable odds spending time doing what my soul insisted I must? Was it a wise way to spend my time with college expenses for a high school senior looming? Only time will tell.

I consoled myself that at least if the book turned out not to be the financial success I had hoped, my son, family and friends would be able to read the details about our adventure from my perspective, and learn about who I am, — halos and warts exposed.

I have to admit yesterday I received a bit of encouragement, — a friend who has known me for years and read an advance copy, called me to give me her critique. I was taken aback, —as she was giving me a glowing report of what she had learned about both the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and even about me that she never knew, she was moved to tears, “Wow, you truly put your heart on your sleeve! I learned so much about you, and Israel, that I hadn’t known before.” Well, thank you Universe, my message I had intended, had been realized.

To help shore up the odds of making money, I recently returned from my fourth James Malinchak Big Penny S. Tee with James MalinchakMoney Speaker event, and I’m encouraged more than ever. My intention in attending these events has been to learn to become the best author I can be. Speaking professionally is just part of the gig, — if you want to make money.

What I love about James Malinchak is that not only is he the best at what he does, but his values of giving back, emphasis on personal growth and his advocacy that the purpose of financial success is that it leads to the freedom of living life by your own choices, match mine. You may know him from the TV show, “The Secret Millionaire.” He’s dedicated his life to giving back and teaching people how to earn the financial rewards they deserve for sharing their heart-felt messages.

I believe that many authors don’t make money, — not because their books aren’t worthy, but because they haven’t had the right guidance. With thousands, perhaps millions of books released yearly, how can yours be found? It’s like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

The result of being lost in this shuffle for the authors often is dealing with the inner angst of not feeling worthy, —  not because it’s true, but that’s the tattoo we plaster to our own foreheads every time we do something that we think fails. I prefer a new definition of failure that I recently heard, —  to F.A.I.L. means: First Attempt In Learning.

To get practice giving speeches, I’ve attended Toastmasters for a little over a year. For learning about the business of professional speaking, and to be coached by the best, I turned to James Malinchak.

Besides James, the list of movers and shakers sharing their words of wisdom to have successful speaking careers at the symposium went on and on. The conferences are always rife with celebrity speakers and this year’s was no exception:

John Assaraf, from The Secret, Jack Canfield, from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Leeza Gibbons Penny S. Tee with Jack Canfield 850x647the Emmy Award Winning TV and Radio Host and winner of “Celebrity Apprentice,” and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank.

From the sports world: Kevin Eastman of the World Champion Boston Celtics and LA Clippers and Joe Theismann, former NFL World Champion and successful entrepreneur.

Business experts Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of Priceline, Russell Brunson, co-founder of Click Funnels, a $100 million company and John Spencer Ellis, entrepreneur coach, business consultant and founder of an international fitness association with over 55,000 members also spoke.

Penny S. Tee with Rudy Ruettiger

Penny S. Tee with Rudy Ruettiger

Finally, Rudy Ruettinger of the movie Rudy, exemplifies the speaker who positions themselves in the business of speaking with their unique story. I truly relate to that, — family vacations and hiding from missiles in bomb shelters aren’t usually discussed in the same sentence. Besides, how many moms take their sons to war for their Bar Mitzvah present? I know. Beyond Jewish guilt, I’m going to be warming the couch of some psychologist for years to come, — and improving her business revenue.

BTW, did you notice my new photos with celebrities? It’s finally time to get out behind my computer and share my experiences with the world. Please post a comment. Actually, for any of my blogs, it would be great to get feedback. What do you think?

I’d love for you to help me grow a community of people interested in Peace of every kind, — from seekers shaping their internal adventures through self-awareness to folks with compassion for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Suffice to say, all writers are welcome and really anyone who wants to be part of our community, I’d be delighted if you joined me on my journey as well.

Attending the conference this year had a new nuance, — I was able to invite several of my writing friends with me. Some came from Writers4Writers, my writers’ support group I founded two years ago. Others came from the writing class I attended, —  where I received my first line of defense as each word of my manuscript was reviewed under a microscope. They helped me tell my story of our family’s adventure and made me become the best author I could be.

It was great to hear my friends’s gratitude in having had the opportunity to attend as well, —  each amazed at what they had learned and anxious to get back home and implement the new ideas.

This year I was blown away by the financially flourishing young entrepreneurs speaking, — from Russel

Penny S. Tee with Caleb Maddix

Penny S. Tee with Caleb Maddix

Brunson who as a college student started his internet marketing career, and later founded Click Funnels with $100 million in revenue and advising names like Tony Robbins, to Caleb Maddix, a fifteen-year-old, who has already written four books, whose videos get millions of views monthly, and made six figures in twelve months. There was an eleven-year old, Emily Shai who wrote a book and sold over $20K selling door-to-door and even Julian Alfaro, an eight-year-old, who books himself as The Elementary Entrepreneur.

Don’t let their youth fool you, their advice was profound and honest, — as only kids can convey. What’s in their Wheaties? They made me feel like a slacker, — how many decades did it take me to find my passion? Oh my.

Attending a James Malinchak Big Money Speaker conference is always a warm, welcoming learning experience. What I’ve noticed over time is that the people begin to feel like more than business acquaintances. He attracts individuals who are both successful or working on the intention of success, and caring. The result is an atmosphere that feels like you are being surrounded with a comforting blanket of concern. However, this conference for me was even more special.

The other attendees I had met from prior years at this point almost seemed like family, and freely gave their stalwart advice, encouragement and even more.

The networking opportunities at these conferences are amazing. You meet accomplished people that you might not recognize like some of the celebrities I’ve mentioned, but nonetheless in their own world, they are stars. I can’t tell you the number of times after taking someone’s business card I looked online only to discover they were a radio mogul, TV media sensation or had a following of thousands. And beyond that, they are nice people, offering to help.

During the conference, I struggled whether to invest in myself further and join James’ coaching program. I spoke with many of James’ former and current coaching clients who assured me that they had immediately made back the investment many times over. Many who have been coaching clients for years…

“I sign up for everything James offers. I always learn so much, immediately implement what I absorbed, and make my money back 2 to 10 times over,” was a common response when asked for a review of the effectiveness of the programs they had participated in.

In my heart, I felt this was the right move. My manuscript was complete and it was time to get out into the world. Both my son and I would be launching our new careers next year, — mine as an author telling my own personal story, — and for him, college. But with competing budgetary constraints, —  having to look my son in the eyes when I returned as he was filling out college applications, well it wasn’t easy to decide. Was this how I should be spending my money when there was paying for college tuition, dorms and books on the horizon?

On the other hand, I also questioned…what if I didn’t sign up and the book wasn’t financially successful. I would always wonder, — what if?

One coaching client suggested to me that I could join with a partner and voila, that was enough for me to say I’ve come this far, let’s do it. Synchronicities in my life abound, —my partner as it turned out that I split costs with for coaching sessions, — Jan Fraser, is a writing coach! Thank you Universe.

So I put on my big girl panties and decided to go for it! Wish me well. I’m so excited now to have joined the James Malinchak Coaching Program and can’t wait to learn not only from James but with the other accomplished business people.

I speak often in my blogs and in my book, about the synchronicities in my life, — what spiritual teachers would call living in the flow. This is another treasured memory from the conference…

Penny S. Tee with John Assaraf

Penny S. Tee with John Assaraf

I had met John Assaraf from The Secret at a previous conference. I had heard him speak, and was excited to meet him having read, The Secret in my young adult years. In fact I had learned about his NeuroGym program then, and had signed up for a couple of his online courses “Winning the Game of Money” (WTGOM) and “Winning the Game of Fear.” I thought I was in need of both, — don’t you?

Money we’ve discussed extensively, and fear, well after having missiles threatening your life, — sometimes I think I’m still suffering from P.T.S.D. Anyway, I was on level 8 of the money program which given the program’s component of goal setting, I credit for helping me finish my manuscript.

A couple nights earlier, I had dinner with some of my new friends and met John Spencer Lewis. I had been introduced to him as an entrepreneur coach and fitness guru. As we spoke in fact we had another connection…

In 2009, he had made an award-winning documentary film called “THE COMPASS,” which I had seen, but at the time of our conversation, it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind, after all, it had been several years. Guess who is one of the stars of THE COMPASS? John Assaraf. And the story doesn’t end here…

During the conference while getting my picture taken with John Assaraf, I thanked him for making WTGOM and let him know that I had used its goal-setting techniques to help complete my shitty first draft, — what authors like to call their first attempts at expressing their story. He asked what my book was about and I was happy to tell him, thinking he might be interested since I knew he was Israeli.

After telling him the bottom line of being human targets was that I wanted to work on Peace, next thing I knew, he shouted out to James in a loud voice, “Hey James, who was that woman with the book about terrorism? I think Penny and she should meet,” and so it goes…

As it turns out her name is Dr. Carole Leiberman who just wrote a children’s book, Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror. The cherry on the sundae…my favorite book is The Wizard of Oz! Nothing like being hooked up with a potential business associate by someone I greatly admire, and has been a profound online teacher that I’d been studying with, and now I had the opportunity to briefly meet in person again. Wow!

Already since I’ve been home only a few days, I’ve had offers from incredible people like Dr. Sarah Larsen, who I had met at a previous conference. As we reconnected this time, she asked me, “How are you doing on your book?” I was happy to report, “The first draft is finished!” She generously offered to help connect me to others working within the interfaith and Peace communities, — her depth of connection and compassion is extraordinary.

For whatever reason, —  I like to think Divine intervention, I also formed two bonds from the conference this time with a couple of people who I’m sure will be lifelong friends.

One is Nancy Hamilton, a Smith College-trained clinical social worker/psychotherapist. She is a veteran of the human experience. Listening intently to our woes, and with laser focus, cutting to the chase with lightning speed, all the while maintaining a kind presence. Being nice however, doesn’t mean she shies away from the hard conversation.

Her clients are rich, powerful men so she’s got to be able to speak their language, — sometimes she has to be blunt and quick, they are busy people.

She specializes in helping successful men think less, and feel more, — so they can have the same success in their personal lives that they do in their careers. Being an equestrian, she likes to describe life in horse terms and says she coaches men who are like Thoroughbred Racehorses at work, but Burros at home.  One of her client’s nicknamed her the Jackass Whisperer.

She told me of a recent conversation she had with someone, — confidentiality dictated she left out the culprit’s name. I had to admit I was curious, given her clientele.

He was lamenting his sexless marriage. She flat out asked the double-chined complainer, — Well, are you f-able?” That’s what she does. She’s the relationship coach who will tell you what you need to know, — not necessarily what you want to hear.

But for me, our bond was immediate. I have never experienced anything like this before. To sum it up, — within the few days of the conference, I felt like I had met my sister from another mother

Bill Chaukla, was another wonder to me. He’s a tall, stately, intense Indian gentleman. As you know I’ve studied and been fascinated by Eastern philosophies for years. Once again the Universe treated me to a synchronistic delight. In Bill, I found one of my favorite types of people, — an erudite teacher.

He was grounded by a foundation in classical, disciplined Hindu and Yoga training, and has taught Engineering and project management in the oil and gas industry world- wide for over thirty years.

But it was the complex and intense brilliance of his soul that shined through to me, — the personification of Namaste (the Indian appreciation for the light in each person). Every conversation a gift of deep learning, challenge and support, — pearls of wisdom shared effortlessly, nestled in a poetic cadence falling from his lips in the flow of life.

Bill was raised with traditional Indian teachings of obedience, — and it’s clear that he is devoted to these philosophies and credits them with his accomplishments.

His natural demeanor is one of a respectful parental figure, — encouraging, and with the intention to help. He planted his seeds for this student to cogitate, and then we would mentally and sometimes verbally wrestle, formally stating opinions and even once agree to disagree, — a stimulating intellectual bout. I appreciated the fact that his deportment allowed for the occasional discrepancy in our strong opposing opinions.

So what are the benefits of attending a James Malinchak event?

  • You learn from the best marketing and speaking coach on the planet
  • You meet and learn from not only celebrities, but also from your fellow attendees, — sometimes making life-long friends.
  • You surround yourself with people who truly care about others and want to make a difference in, — the world.

I know I’m already looking forward to next year’s Big Money Speakers conference…how about you?

As always, I invite you to Join Me on My Journey…

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