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Israeli flag

Who Let the Anti-Semitism of the 20th Century Out of the Bag in 2019?

It’s 2019, it’s sad but true, the ugly demon of anti-Semitism still exists and seems to be getting worse—or is it that the perpetrators feel it’s fine in today’s world to talk publically about their anti-Semitic beliefs? In writing this blog there were a staggering number of incidents with varying degrees of seriousness to choose…

Jewish National Fund Annual Conference

The Jewish National Fund: A Protective Womb for Israel & Jews, Defying the Horror of Pittsburgh’s Synagogue Killings

I recently returned from attending my first Jewish National Fund Annual (JNF) Conference. On the one hand, it was a lovefest for Israel and Jews. Am Yisrael Chai (the Jewish Nation lives). On the other, what happened during the conference exposed the underbelly of hatemongers in the United States. I had newly become part of…

Knowledge for College

“Knowledge for College:” Warning for Jewish College Students & Parents

Is your high school student looking at potential colleges? They’ve done the best they can in their classes and on their SAT’s and ACTs. They’ve worked at being a good citizen and written their essays to prove it. You’ve checked out the universities online and hopefully had an opportunity to visit the campuses. Everyone in…