WRITERS4WRITERS COMING MONDAY, 10/8/18, Host: Penny S. Tee Speaker: Penn Wallace “An Author’s Life with Penn Wallace”ONLINE 6:30PM-8:00PM

Come join us at Writers4Writers when Penny S. Tee interviews author, editor and marketer Penn Wallace as he shares, “An Author’s Life with Penn Wallace.” Writers4Writers invites you to listen as Penn tells us about his adventures and life as a thriller and murder mystery writer and sea-faring fisherman. His books include the “Ted Higuera” and “Catrina Flaherty” series, “Christmas Inc.,” and “Blue Water & Me.”

Pay per event: $36, Sign up today: $27   Meetings will be utilizing Zoom technology. It is the listener’s option whether they want to be seen or heard or both  If you have a special promo code, please apply it when you register.

All meetings are recorded so don’t worry if you have a scheduling conflict. First Penny S. Tee will interview Penn which will be recorded, but to insure privacy as a support group, we’ll turn the recording off and have a chance to ask Penn some questions afterwards.

Writers4Writers is an online writer’s support group.  They say that 81% of people have a book in them.  Come Join Me On My Journey, and let’s walk together.  If you don’t want to write a book, but are a writer or would like to write – you are welcome too.  Any genre or type of work will do from non-fiction, fiction, articles, poetry – whatever suits your fancy : )

4 The Love of Words and Writers,

Penny S. Tee